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where are you 2022 - 2023

: apprehensive uneasiness or nervousness usually over an impending or anticipated ill

A: Mom? Where Are You?

M: In the Kitchen.

A: Mom? Where Are You?

 M: Look up, I'm next to you.

A: I was just joking.

Where are you? A question he asks throughout the day, anytime we cannot physically see each other in our home. He and I are so similar - his anxiety perpetuating mine and mine his. After moving around we found a home, quiet and secluded in the woods.  I find comfort in watching the light pass through the windows and doors. Some days I know exactly which shape of light will appear and when, other days it never comes. My son says the light and shadows are scary. Always changing, causing both comfort and anxiety the light draws so many parallels to our lives, sometimes easy to predict but most often we have no control over how it shows up. These images explore how intricately connected we are to each other, the light, and this place called home. 


Camera: Hasselblad 500cm

Prints: 8 x 8 Ilford Warmtone Semi Matt Fiber 

Editions of 5 ( + 2 APs)

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